About Us

sfgt Anti radiation Clothes distributes a fashionable line of protective Anti radiation wear made of anti-electromagnetic and anti-radiation fabric, Yarns and Fibres. Our company offers you Anti radiation Clothes made from Potential applications for the fabric are varied, from creating protective clothing for workers exposed to computers, radioactive machines in hospitals, and radioactivity as well as protecting new mums or mum-to-be the protection needed against radiation.

All our garments are of the highest quality and most advanced materials of metal and fibre blended with Nano-silver fabrics. Its screening frequency ranges from 1MHz-5GHz. Its shielding effectiveness is 30-40dB. Most of our Maternity Clothing can shield more than 99.9% harmful electromagnetic waves.

Computers have become an indispensable part of our daily life; however the radiation of computer and the electromagnetic wave it generates can cause harm to human body.

sfgt Antiradiation Maternity Clothes will minimise mother and baby’s exposure to harmful EMR from many common sources such as computers, mobile and cell phones, TV and radio transmitters, and electric fields from power lines and appliances.